Grounded perspectives

In the “Spectrum” column of the daily newspaper “Die Presse”, the architectural journalist Franziska Leeb described PEMA’s Headline project as a “tower with meaning” – a phrase that precisely reflects the entrepreneurial credo of the company’s founder, Markus Schafferer. He ensures that his projects have a solid foundation and is guided by sustainable virtues. His style of creating added value in urban settings is characterised by imagination, professional consistency and a down-to-earth cultural approach. Against this background, the young entrepreneur with an affinity for art seeks to create skylines for future generations that will render public space more attractive and help the invisible become visible.

The company's founder

Markus Schafferer
The entrepreneur from Innsbruck (born in 1978) completed his school education at Reithmannstrasse secondary school and graduated with a degree in Law after only four years of study. Markus Schafferer founded the PEMA Group in 2005 and is the majority owner and managing partner of the company. He kindled his passion for art, architecture and design when he worked in art dealing during his studies Schafferer’s curiosity to discover new things and his appreciation of art are reflected in his forward-thinking urban development projects. In this regard, it is particularly important to him that the living environment of future generations are treated with respect. “Whenever we tackle a new project, we take great care in developing a modern and creative architectural solution that lives up to our high standards of aesthetics. In my opinion, what makes a real estate project truly successful is if the finished building adds value to the lives of tenants, investors and citizens alike in each respective location.” Schafferer is married and has a son and a daughter